About Us

BJ Industries, Inc. has two simple missions:

  1. Provide consumers with unique, high-quality, differentiated, patented products that make their lives more enjoyable or solve a problem.
  2. Provide Retailers with exceptional sales and revenues driven by our high-quality products that are in demand by consumers and support these sales with equally high quality service.

BJ Industries, Inc. is a consumer driven company:

Our goal is to identify product opportunities that will enrich the consumer's life and provide daily value. We believe that today's consumer recognizes that value is a combination of quality and function.

BJ Industries, Inc. is a marketing company:

Our goal is to provide desirable, high-quality products at the lowest possible price. In this dynamic world economy, we feel we can best meet the consumer's needs by maintaining the flexibility of owning and controlling our own patents and tooling and by seeking the best current manufacturing techniques.

BJ Industries, Inc. is a service-oriented company:

Our goal is to provide consistent and immediate support to our base of Retail customers. We understand that having the right product in the right location at the right time is critical to the generation of the first sale.

BJ Industries is an ethical company:

We understand that we are judged by our ethics and pledge to provide honest values and honest service at all times.